Personalize this marble piece as a gift to someone special or to commemorate a special occasion.  Perfect for wedding vows, graduation, religious conformation or baby shower. 

Large Marble
Size:  7 inches wide X 5 inches high and comes with a clear plastic easel. 
Limit:  40 to 50 words (depending on size of each word)
Choose and image from the image album.
Can be engraved without the image shown. 

Perfect as a personalized gift for someone special.  Can be a gift for newly weds or a simple spiritual reminder for a dear friend. 

Small Marble
Size:  3.5 inches wide X 2.5 inches high. 

Note:  This size of marble can be engraved without the default image (roses)

Personalize this polished black marble tile as a gift for any occasion. 
Chose a biblical verse or write you own message to a newly wed, graduate or any other occasion. 

Medium Marble
This 3.8 inch square tile has beveled edges and come with a clear plastic stand. 
Can be engrave without scroll. 
Limit:  20 to 25 words (depending on site of each word).

Burned Letters


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